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#TomatoTuesday is “History”

Maribelle Añes/Jake Broido/Maggie Rose This is a song that I wrote in L.A. with Jake Broido from Atlantic Records and a talented Australian singer and artist, Maribelle Añes. I took our work tape back to Nashville and got the chance to produce it with an exceptional Nashville band (I hope you enjoy my nod to […]

#TomatoTuesday is “Love Me More”

When I had the chance to be in a room with two talented writers like Lindsey Lee and Stephanie Smith (look them up, you won’t be disappointed) I knew I was not going to squander my opportunity to have that confessional, spill-your-guts-out session that I knew I could have with these women. And, as expected, they delivered. I had […]

Jon Caramanica – ” ‘Tomatoes’ Give Country Its Bite.”

June 18, 2015 – Jon Caramanica, the key Pop Music Critic for The New York Times known for covering music that is underrepresented by mainstream critics, writes “Country’s long-familiar war on women has reached fever pitch in recent weeks, following some shortsighted comments by Keith Hill, a country radio consultant, in the trade publication Country […]

#TomatoTuesday is #IWantHimBad

Davidson/Rose/Whitmore Happy #TomatoTuesday! I never thought I would ever start looking forward to Tuesdays this much! I am excited to share this song I wrote with Dallas Davidson and Dewain Whitmore. We wrote this song last Summer during a writing retreat with some of my friends from L.A. We would write a pop song one […]





Love Me More

I Want Him Bad

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