Maggie Rose


Final Tuesday Song: “Same Sky”

Alex Kline/Maggie Rose/Jason Saenz As my summer campaign comes to an end, I leave you with one last song and video (coming later this week, ah!) into which I have poured my heart and soul. I took this summer as an opportunity to show you a little bit of everything that I have been working […]

NEW SONG: #SuperCool

Brian Kennedy/Mirella Castellano/Maggie Rose I am not going to lie, I have been really excited to release this song. Creating “Super Cool” gave me my first chance to act as a bit of a mad scientist in the studio. I created this track with Aaron Chmielewski — my right hand man and engineer who has […]

New Song: “Cold Water”

One thing that has become a prominent part of my creative routine is attempting to craft songs for other artists. I have been traveling back and forth from LA to Nashville a lot where I get to collaborate with Pop and Country writers and sometimes those co-writes are set up with a certain artist in […]




Same Sky

Super Cool

Cold Water


Heartbreak Radio

Look Who’s Coming Around


Running Away



Love Me More

I Want Him Bad

Last Song

Emotional Vampire

Girl In Your Truck Song

Say Something


Get Ya Game On